Inbal Sella
Inbal Sella
Product Designer
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Currently promoting healthy habits to patients on the Behavioral Change team at Aetna


UX Design

In-depth case studies from my past role as a User Experience (UX) Designer for Transamerica 🔺 


Rethinking a tool designed to help financial advisors make the right decision

Legacy Redesign • User Flow • Visual Design

Creating a modular visual by breaking down product needs to the atomic level

Design Systems • Infographic

Increasing communication and satisfaction within a design system

User Research • Workshops • Design Process


Visual Design

Work Samples -
Data Visualization • Product Design • User Interface • Motion Graphics • Graphic Design


Data Visualization

A Week of Wrongdoing:
Tracking Bike Violations in Savannah, GA

While I furiously commuted to classes during uni, I may have broken a biking law or two in the process. I decided to track how many violations and interactions with angry dogs/drivers/police officers I made in one week.


ELEVATED THIRD - UI, Micro-Interactions, After Effects (Prototyping) - Collaboration with Judd Mercer

Vivint Home Security

A proposed home page for Vivint Home Security. We pushed use of micro-interactions and breaking the grid to mimic the interactive and smooth interface of their products. The intention was for the user to feel like they were walking around in their home, interacting with every touchpoint.


THE SUPER SIMPLE GUIDE - UI, Visual Design, Brand Campaign

The Super Simple Guide

A few excerpts from my senior thesis— a product and brand campaign called ‘The Super-Simple Guide’ which encourages teens to form opinions on the political, social, and environmental issues of today. View the full case study here.



Transamerica - UI Samples

UI Samples from my current role as a UX (User Experience) Designer at Transamerica.

1. Content Blocks: A before and after. The goal was to reskin our content blocks to bring in more of the Transamerica brand. I played with breaking the grid and using cleaner type and space for an updated feel.

2. User Preferences on a Financial Advisor product (Before/After)

3. Design System Catalog UI

4. Compare Component, Case Study


TRANSAMERICA - Motion Graphics, After Effects (Prototyping)

General Assembly - Transamerica Design Talk

My team and I at Transamerica gave a talk on Design Systems at General Assembly, Denver, CO. For the presentation, I wanted to communicate our process in a simplified way, so I created this series of animations. I used a card as an example of how diverse one component can be, and how our design system process accommodates for each product’s needs.

Design Systems Process - Case Study

General Assembly Talk - Keynote



Deconstructing Fate

An experimental typography project where I created a sculpture made of deconstructed sweaters, shot it, and formed type from the image. The concept was about the relationship between coincidence and statistics. 


SUGARBEET - Design, Creative Direction

Sugarbeet Restaurant

Various print deliverables for a Detroit restaurant identity. Inspired by the Detroit Jazz and Bebop culture of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, we filled our work playlist with Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Yusef Lateef, The Supremes, and Thad Jones.

View the full case study here



Commons Wheel

I created an education tool that students would interact with in the classroom. There are three levels— names, birthdays, and area codes. I used U.S. Census data to repeat the most common of the categories at a higher frequency, while the lesser common factors were repeated at a lower frequency.

The idea behind this wheel is that people tend to be calmer and more understanding of others differences when they recognize they share something in common with them. Bringing this tool into a classroom can encourage kids to get along, regardless of their differences.

View the full case study here



Girls Fútbol Essentials Kit

A donation-based packaging concept for the Adidas Women Empowerment Programme.

View the full case study here